Once you have found the right yacht for your charter, Taylor’d Yacht Charters will secure a contract package to secure your charter.  The package will include information on the yacht, the crew, the destination, where you will be chartering, and a suggested itinerary.  All the items covered on Designing Your Charter Vacation will be included here.


When you are ready to reserve your yacht, we will ask you to review and sign a Charter Agreement (contract) which we will walk you through to assure you understand all details and are satisfied with the terms.  The form of contract used will depend on the the yacht you book. Basically the yacht owners and managers decide which contract you will use based on factors like the yachts registration, location, etc. Usually these contracts are standard forms that have been developed by the various yacht charter associations, such as the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association (MYBA-Charter-Agreement-Specimen 2014), or American Yacht Charter Association (AYCA Bareboat Demise Agreement, AYCA Services Agreement and AYCA Uninspected Passenger Vessel Charter Agreement).  The Demise Contract is really 2 separate agreements: a “bareboat” contract where are chartering the yacht itself, and the “services” agreement where you are hiring the crew to run the yacht. Uninspected Passenger Vessel- Generally, operations that carry 6 or fewer passengers for hire are referred to as Uninspected Passenger Vessels (UPV), 6 Passenger (pax), or 6 Pack operations. These are your typical charter boat fishing guide or tour boat operations that may use a state numbered boat. UPV operations traveling on navigable waters of the United States under U.S. Coast Guard jurisdiction are not required to be inspected by the Coast Guard. They must comply with minimal federal standards for safety, navigation, pollution prevention and the vessel operator must hold (minimally) an Operator Uninspected Passenger Vessel (OUPV) license issued by the Coast Guard. The Florida Yacht Brokers Association (FYBA), and Charter Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA), each have addendum to cover variations from the standard agreement. Taylor’d Yacht Charters can give you guidance on contracts but you should consult with your lawyer on the legal meanings. The contacts text can not be modified as they are industry standard but “agreed to” addendum are acceptable..


Once you have reviewed the agreement and are ready to sign it, we will require a deposit.  If the charter date is longer than 6 months from the date of signing the agreement, the deposit is 25 percent.  If the charter is within 6 months from the date of signing the agreement, we will require a 50 percent deposit.  The final payment, as well as the Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA) for non-inclusive charters, is made 45 days before the charter date begins. Your captain will keep a detailed account of fuel, dockage, food, and beverage expenses etc. that will be reconciled against your advance funds (APA) for you at the end of your charter.


Each charter is a customized experience that includes your food and beverages; therefore, we will send you a detailed questionnaire about your preferences (preference sheet) for food and beverages, along with medical and dietary concerns, passport information if needed, flight details, ages of guests, and any other pertinent information for your “taylor’d” charter.  It’s crucial the yacht crew has this specific information, so they can make the appropriate provisions before the start of the charter to assure they have everything you desire.


Charter cancellation terms are detailed in the Charter Agreement form (contract).  Charter cancellation/Liability insurance is an option we will discuss with you before you reserve your yacht.


Your captain is eager to make your charter a personalized adventure of a lifetime.  He or she is responsible for the safety of the vessel and all on board.  Therefore, when there are issues of safety, your captain will make final decisions.


At your discretion, it is customary to tip the captain and crew at the completion of a charter.  The usual range for a tip is 10-20% of the base charter fee, depending on the level of service you have received.


Plus All (PA) – Food, fuel, bar, beverages, cruising taxes or VAT if applicable, dockage, and personal communication are paid by the charterer.

Inclusive (Incl.) – Food, bar, beverages, soft drinks, cruising taxes, and fuel are included in the charter fee.  Dockage and personal communications are extra.

Plus Bar & cruising taxes – Food and fuel are included.  Bar, soft drinks, cruising taxes/VAT if applicable, dockage, and personal communications are extra.

EMT (Eastern Mediterranean Terms) – Breakfast, lunch, and some fuel are included.  Dinners, dockage, and personal communication are extra.

WMT (Western Mediterranean Terms) – Food included for crew.  Food, beverage, bar, dockage, cruising taxes/VAT if applicable, and fuel are extras.

Charter Yacht Budget Estimations

See the Yacht Chartering Flow Process to know what happens from Start to Finish on your Luxury Yacht Vacation.

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Taylor’d Yacht Charters will assist you in chartering the perfect yacht and developing the itinerary that meets your desires within the limitations of the yacht you select and the duration of the