Newport Yacht Charter Show June 19 – 23, 2017

The Newport Charter Yacht Show is an annual occurrence in Rhode Island. This year the show was at the Newport Shipyard. The show is one of many world wide Charter Yacht Broker Shows where brokers come to see the yachts, meet the crew, learn about the changes in the charter regulations, explore new destinations and see new yachting toys. Meeting the crew is critical to knowing the personality of the yacht.

Celebrating 35 years in existence, the Newport Charter Yacht Show is a showcase of luxury charter yachts alongside a display of ancillary goods and services for the charter industry. This four-day event is dedicated exclusively to yacht charter professionals; agents, owners, brokers and captains in the dynamic, picturesque setting of Newport, Rhode Island.

Our mission as brokers is to find the type of yacht our client prefers, in a location and time desirable for the client, with economics within his budget, and having a crew that will deliver exciting, first class, 5 star service.

The show was a success because of great planning by the yacht management company, the yacht crew, shipyard’s facility and logistic efforts,  the AYCA training program, supplier displays and the yacht broker participation and networking efforts. There were 25 yachts both Sail and Power ranging in size from 53′ to 198′ with crews fro 2 to 16.


By Sandy Taylor

(Photos by Tom Taylor)

As we all know, many of our CYBA members are also members of AYCA; therefore, CYBA was well represented at the Newport Charter Show 2017 held June 19-23, at the Newport Shipyard.  It was great having the show back where it all started.  As usual the weather was cool in the mornings and evenings, but we were all tearing off our jackets and windbreakers during the day.  There were a variety of yachts on display, crew and yacht competitions, a very educational seminar put on by AYCA (Carol Kent), luncheons on board, an awards dinner, and a yacht hop, of course.

There were 25 yachts in the show, all at the Newport Shipyard, but Tom and I were also privileged enough to be invited to see Motor Yacht EXCELLENCE, a 150’ Richmond, off site.  We wished she had actually been in the show, so all the brokers could have seen her. Captain Tom showed us around the yacht, which was beautiful.  Her thoroughly stocked wine cellar, Sub Zero appliances, zero speed stabilizers, bidets (more about that later), water slide, Jet Lift, and Jacuzzi were impressive.  What really was extraordinary was that every floor had at least one head, so the guests would not have to trek up and down stairs to find one.  Also every floor had a flat screen or more.  Captain Tom explained that the yacht is kid friendly, but a nanny would be required for younger children, as the crew cannot be expected to babysit.  The captain had a wonderful, charter personality that seemed to radiate safety and confidence.

Motor Yacht RENAISSANCE, 116’ Hargrave, was the stand out boat of the show!  Her chef, Ian Gabbe, from Jacksonville, FL (no less) won Best Charter Yacht Chef.  Tom and I can attest to that fact, since we were fortunate enough to have lunch on Motor Yacht RENAISSANCE, not only with her flamboyant and talented captain, Doug Meier, but also with her very entertaining owners and other brokers.

Chef Ian’s choice for lunch was Shrimp and Asparagus over Lemon Risotto with sprouts complimenting the dish. It was simple and delicious!

The participating eight chefs in the contest were given a basket of ingredients that included strips of Wagyu steak, rhubarb, edible flowers, micro greens, vegetables, and herbs that were to be included in their competitive dish.  Chef Ian chose to grill/broil his steak with parsnip puree and drizzle it with a chocolate mint Bordelaise sauce and mushroom herb ragout.  The rhubarb was used as a jam to accent his salad.  Obviously, it was a hit with the judges.  Motor Yacht RENAISSANCE also took over the yacht hop with a Gilligan’s Island themed yacht hop party.  Not only did the crew get into character, but so did the yacht, changing its name to the SS Minnow.  True to the Gilligan’s Island signature song, we had a storm for about 30 minutes that blew through along with hail, but the party persisted, and the yacht didn’t sink.  There was a band; therefore, Sandy and Tom danced, along with the owners and others!

Chef Jean-Marc Masson from France of Motor Yacht BW, a 120’ Palmer Johnson, came in 2nd in the chef competition.  Motor Yacht BW has just been refitted and will do day charters.  Tom and I were very impressed with the chief stew, Bex Kerol, and Sandy loved that it had a bidet in the master cabin.  (I always look for bidets on yachts.  It is an obsession with me.  I think all yachts and hotels should have them.  I won’t explain here, but when you see me, I will let you in on my little fixation.  No, they are not water fountains!)  Motor Yacht BW also won best overall in the Tablescaping Competition with peonies, ivy vines, and succulents.  She also won 2nd place in the Designer Water Competition.

Third place in the chef competition was Chef Daniele Messina of Motor Yacht FRISKY LADY, 112’ Westport.

This yacht had a full refit this year, and the refit was amazing.  Muted colors with Sirius XM playing in the background immediately gave you a calm and relaxing feel.  Armed with a gung ho crew (I think they competed in every contest in the show), new appliances, newly sanded marble throughout, and an Italian chef, what more could a client ask for?  Maybe new jet skis, tenders, scooters, and fishing equipment – yep, Motor Yacht FRISKY LADY has all that too!

Motor Yacht BW may have been the judges’ pick for the Tablescaping Competition, but the brokers fan favorite was Motor Yacht TAIL LIGHTS, 116’ Azimut, with its Peter Pan themeWith Captain Kent, a very capable captain and an experienced charter crew, you can be sure that our clients will be safe under that formidable retractable roof.  Motor Yacht TAIL LIGHTS was one of our favorites!

The Designer Water Competition was to encourage yachts to get rid of those pesky plastic water bottles. (HHMM, where have I heard that before?) It was won by the most deserving Motor Yacht BLUE MOON , 198 Feadship, and the largest yacht in the show.

The infused strawberry, lemon, and kiwi water was a pale pink in the most incredible glass water bottle given to all the brokers and visitors that came aboard.  Motor Yacht BLUE MOON  has long been a preference charter yacht of ours.  Her charming captain, Emile, took us on her luxurious tour.  Her wheel chair capability with an elevator and no thresholds will be attractive to older or disabled charter guests.  Yacht BLUE MOON also has an exercise and massage room.   She has added attractions of Lalique, a dumb waiter, a Jacuzzi, and both a Chris Craft and a Riva tender.  She was refit in 2014.  Yacht BLUE MOON definitely has the WOW effect!

Sailing Yacht SERENITY won the Specialty Cocktail Competition with its Keel Vodka infused with jalapenos, lime, cilantro simple syrup, and pineapple.  YUM!  Even though it may have been bad manners, brokers were asking for a second glass.

Sailing Yacht SERENITY, a 65’ Jeneau has inclusive rates in New England, a great idea!

Motor Yacht APHRODITE, 130’ Westport, was another favorite of ours.  First of all, Captain Brice is an old friend, and a great charter captain.

His and Hers closets in the Master was a nice touch, as well as the electric fireplace, the Jacuzzi, the numerous exercise equipment, and the Mammal Observation Deck. The orange and aqua interior was very soothing.  Yes, there was a bidet.

Sixty eight foot Lazarra, M/Y DIVINE DESTINY, seems to be the perfect yacht for a day charter, as well as long term charters.

Chief Stewardess Denise also is a massage therapist and has a massage chair on board.  Sandy wanted to ask for a demonstration, but Tom frowned at this idea.  We had more boats to see!

Another yacht with a bidet, and therefore, passed my test was Motor Yacht SLAINTE III, an 86’ Custom Line.  Her delightful Captain Brian can explain the pronunciation and the definition of the name of this yacht.

Motor Yacht GRAND CRU, 78’ Jongert, was looking better than ever in the Newport Show.

Tom and I met the crew of the 3 J’s on board, Captain Johnny, Chef Jessica, and Deck/Stew Jennifer.  We also found out that each crew member has been trained on the tender.  That could come in handy!  Motor Yacht GRAND CRU was refit in 2014, and she has a bidet in the Master. YEA! She also has zero speed stabilizers, a very nice aft deck, a cleverly decorated twin with a Pullman, and an attractive VI.

Motor Yacht FAIR SKIES, 90’ Burger, was refit in 2016, and has an added bonus of fishing gear and fishing from the cockpit.

She is a relaxed, family boat and is a great day charter yacht.  It was a little warm below, but in her defense, we did see her in the hottest part of the day.

Motor Yacht SILVER MAMA, 92’ AB Yachts, was definitely the flashy boat in the crowd.  Being a jet boat, clients would want to charter her to be seen in Sag Harbor and Miami.  She was refit in 2017 and will do day charters.  She not only had a bidet  J, but also American outlets, so American guests could plug in their many appliances. The dingy is inflatable; therefore, the yacht does not have to tow one.  Toys were evident.  We were not able to meet the captain, because he was on medical leave.  I was a little put off that there were no bannisters or railings on the stairs, but that could be my age.  I just held on to everyone else!

Motor Yacht LADY LEX, 110’ Broward, had a refit in 2007.  She can do rendezvous diving, has a bidet in the master, and is ICW capable.

Motor Yacht PRAXIS, 143’ Feadship, was refit in 2017 and has that Ritz Carlton, white with blue piping look, which I find inviting.  She has a Jacuzzi and a new granite bar.  Delightful!

Motor Yacht SAVANNAH, 118’ Intermarine, was refit in 2010.  All soft goods are being replaced, as the yacht looked a little tired.  They also have a Jacuzzi.

S/Y BEAU GESTE, a 60’ Ted Hood designed Little Harbor.  This was her first foray into the charter industry by Bristol Marine.  She will do day charters as well.  Unfortunately there was no permanent crew on board, which was a huge disadvantage to this vessel’s charter appeal.

Sailing Yacht CONTINGENCY, 55’ Oyster, is complete with AC.  She will do Captain only, or add a chef at an extra $1000 a week.

Captain Steven had a magnetic personality, as well as the Cook/Stew Jenny, sailmaker by profession.  This was the show’s smallest yacht.

The lovely, Sailing Yacht JUPITER, a 100’ Cantiere Ferri, has a diving instructor, by the name of JT.  She was refit in 2014 and looks brand new.

She has lots of room, a wine cellar, bunny cushions, and toys.  This sailing yacht was one of our favorites.

Sailing Yacht COPIHUE, A 74’ Andrew Hoek designed Cutter, also has a difficult name to pronounce.  It is a Chilean word and is its country’s national flower.

She is a pretty yacht. Sailing Yacht COPIHUE smells fresh, has choice linens, and is great for day charters.

Sailing Yacht BLACK LION 62′ Oyster Sloop having more performance with full carbon fiber sails.

She was very appealing. Other yachts visited are:

Sailing Yacht Avalanche 60′

Motor Yacht Born to Run 75′

Motor Yacht Far Niente 130′

Motor Yacht Hoya Saxa 75′

Motor Yacht Andiamo 87′

All in all, it was one of the best Newport Charter Shows Tom and I have been to.  Eli Dana and the Newport Shipyard staff and all involved should be congratulated for a job well done.

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