What do you do on your yacht while on a Mediterranean Charter Vacation?

Just because you are traveling from one port to another does not mean you can’t have fun. Yachts are equipped with many activities besides eating and sleeping in luxury. Many charter luxury yachts have exercise equipment, trained massage crew, a Jacuzzi, hot tubs, steam baths, and some mega yachts even have swimming pools. The decks are excellent areas for sunbathing to bring your tan to perfection.

I know of at least two yachts that have full court basketball. All charter yachts are equipped with TV/VCR/DVD/CD and even Satellite TV. Each room can be playing something different.  With the advent of satellite communication and the internet, you can communicate anywhere in the world from your chartered luxury yacht.  The on board libraries usually have the best sellers, as well as the classics. For aspiring American Idol stars, you can use the karaoke machines to practice.  Crew on charter yachts are very creative.  They have theme nights, like “Gangster Night”, “Who done it Night”, and “Rock and Roll Night”. Their job is to see that you are having the best luxury yacht vacation of a lifetime. When you reach the next port, you can invite friends and guests to have a party at the dock on your charter yacht.  After the party, you can drop off to sleep on 600 count bead sheets or better in preparation for your next day in paradise. You will never be bored on a Mediterranean charter yacht.

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