A Croatian Yacht Charter

The Republic of Croatia is a country in Central Europe. It sits at the crossroads of the Balkans, the Pannonia Plain, and the Adriatic Sea.  Its location on the Adriatic Sea makes it a perfect yacht chartering destination, especially with the number of countries that it borders.  Hungary is to the northeast along with Bosnia and Herzegovina to the southeast. There are a number of other countries and principalities surrounding Croatia, and this diversity makes it one of the most popular yacht chartering destinations in the world.

Currently Dubrovnik is becoming one of the most popular ports of call in the Eastern Mediterranean, which is made clear by the fact that it attracts more than 600 cruise ships each year.  Dubrovnik has also become a very popular port of call for charter yachts.  There are many attractions available in this port city. There are charming outdoor cafes, tourist friendly restaurants, tours of the ancient city along with the popular “Walking the Wall Tour”, and thousands of other historical attractions.

Other ports of call in Croatia are Trogir, Skradin, and Lavender Island along with Havar.

Trogir is a picturesque medieval town on the List of World Heritage Sites for UNESCO.  Enjoy the atmosphere of the streets and have lunch in this cultural city, or go back to your chartered yacht from TAYLOR’D YACHT CHARTERS and have your lunch on board.

Krka National Park is in Skradin.  This largely unchanged region of exceptional natural beauty is one of seven national parks in Croatia.  Skradin is one of the oldest Croatian settlements founded in the second century BC and situated not far from the tranquil Krka River.  This was the center of life in early ancient times and is located between two wonderful waterfalls.  Visovac Lake and a Franciscan monastery are also nearby.  The town of Skradin has a relaxed atmosphere.

The next day you may want to tell your captain that you want to cruise to Lavender Island, one of the ten most beautiful islands in the world.  Havar is a unique town on the island.  It is a cultural and historical town but also an important tourist resort.  Its attractions are a pleasant climate, lots of sunshine, natural beauty, gastronomic opportunities, sports, and recreational venues.  Havar has the oldest European theater, built in 1612.  The town has a rich night life and can become very crowded in the summer, which can often spoil the joy of visiting it.  The best time to book your luxury yacht vacation here is in the off season months.

Enjoy Croatia and get in touch with pure and untouched nature by getting in touch with Tom and Sandy Taylor at TAYLOR’D YACHT CHARTERS.


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