Alaska and Pacific Northwest Luxury Yacht Charters

Not often thought about as a luxury yacht charter destination, there is no better way to explore the rugged landscape of the Pacific Northwest than on a private yacht chartered through Taylor’d Yacht Charters.  Get away from the crowds and explore misty fjords, calving glacier fields, and more wildlife than you can possibly imagine.

Whale, dolphin, bear, and moose watching are a particularly popular past-time while cruising through the icy waters.  Daytime temperatures often reach the low 80’s, but we do not recommend swimming, unless your captain takes you to one of the many hot springs along the Inside Passage.

In stark contrast to the pristine wilderness are the vibrant cities of Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, as well as the quaint Alaskan towns of Juneau, Sitka, and Ketchikan.

They called it “Seward’s Folly”.  Why in the world would we, the citizens of the United States of America, want to spend an astounding $7,200,000 for a parcel of land that was so far away, so cold, and so desolate?  Yet, in 1867, the U.S. Secretary of State, William Seward, had the courage and vision to push for the purchase of this massive piece of land, twice the size of Texas.  Lucky for us!

When perusing a map of Alaska, you will see a multitude of sizeable islands that lie offshore the western coast of Canada.  When cruising in the steep glacial fiords, there is always the possibility of seeing: mountain goats, moose, deer, bears, and perhaps even a wolf pack. Kayaking close to shore affords you the opportunity to spy on mink, martin, and river otters.

Whale watching in Alaska is probably the best in the world.  The largest concentrations of Humpback whales in the world use it as their summer feeding ground.  The Humpback uses a unique herding technique called bubblenet feeding.  The lead whale, a female, communicates with the other whales in the pod, directing them as they maneuver beneath the prey.  The whales blow bubbles, and as the turbulence (called “bubblenets”) floats upward, it corrals the prey, usually herring and drill, into a ball.  The whales then open their mouths and smash into the ball as they breach the surface. Spectacular!  Another baleen whale common to the area is the Minke, or Piked whale.  Grey whales are also often observed as they pass through on the way to their summer feeding grounds in northern Alaska.

Example Yachts that have been available  in Alaska

Motor Yacht Rebel

Motor Yacht Serengeti

Motor Yacht Serenity