The vast coastline of Australia offers up many intriguing destinations for charter— from the Great Barrier Reef to the Whitsunday Islands or the Kimberly region of far Western Australia.  Lively towns and picturesque, pristine landscapes can be experienced in close proximity to one another.  Explore some of the world’s best diving, fishing, and snorkeling can be found right off the coast of Australia aboard your private luxury charter yacht. A wide variety of charter yachts are available in Australia including power yachts, sailing yachts, and ultra luxury mega yachts.

Hamilton Island is the center of activity in the Whitsundays, a group of enchanted, scarcely inhabited islands offering prestige beaches.  While cruising in this area, most charterers enjoy a visit to Hayman Island, which is ranked among the world’s top resorts.

Farther north, along the Great Barrier Reef is Great Palm Island and LIzard Island where Captain Cook landed in 1770.  Snorkel at the Cod Hole where tame potato cod reach 1,000 pounds!  Snorkel over Ribbon Reef or drift dive over Dynamite Pass.  These will be memorable experiences of abundant and colorful aquatic life.  The locals are fun-loving and anxious to share their precious land.

Australia’s coastline is varied, vast, and spectacular.  With numerous iconic marine locations, such as the Great Barrier Reef, the Kimberley Coast, and the Whitsunday Islands.  There are a wide range of international attractions and events, such as the Melbourne Formula One Grand Prix, the Gold Coast Indy 300, and the Melbourne Cup.  There also activities like Hervey Bay whale watching and New Year’s Eve on Sydney Harbour.  It is hardly surprising that Australia is fast becoming the new mecca for large yacht owners from all over the world and increasing yacht charters like Taylor’d Yacht Charters.

Superb cruising can be found across the Tasman Sea in New Zealand and along the Coromandel Coast in Auckland Harbour.  Also have your captain on your chartered yacht from Taylor’d Yacht Charters cruise the Bay of Islands.  “Down Under” certainly makes for an extremely attractive alternative to the more crowded locations in the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

When Australia’s Alan Bond defeated Dennis Conner to win the America’s Cup in 1983, and then lost it back to Conner in 1987, the world’s yachting community began to turn its attention to this part of the SouthernHemisphere.  Slowly, super yachts and mega yachts began appearing in local waters.  When the 2000 Sydney Olympics closely followed the Louis Vuitton Cup regatta and the New Zealand America’s Cup in Auckland, an unprecedented number of vessels larger than 100 feet made their way to the region and word began to spread north.

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef, made up of about 900 islands and 3000 coral reefs, stretching along an area more then 2000 kilometers long.  In 1770, James Cook became the first European to encounter this natural wonder.  This reef is believed to have been growing for the past 18,000 years.  In more recent years, international guests have been enjoying the beauty of the reef right along side the locals through a variety of activities.

Australia is one of the finest places on the globe for whale watching, see humpback whales as they migrate along the East and West Australian coasts each winter.  There’s something spiritual about these giants who have graced our oceans for 50 million years, yet we almost drove them to extinction over the past 200 years.  Relatively few humpback whales were seen travelling along Australia’s shores 15 years ago.  Now, you can almost be guaranteed of seeing humpback whales any day during winter and spring.  Just let Taylor’d Yacht Charters find you the perfect vessel to observe these amazing whales.


 Luxury Yacht Charter Itinerary – South Kimberley
Luxury Yacht Charter Itinerary – Great Barrier Reef