Carriacou Yacht Charters

Located to the northeast of mainland Grenada, the islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique offer visitors a glimpse of a more leisurely pace of life. With a mix of Scottish and African ancestry, these grenadine islands boast a wealth of historical attractions and cultural festivals. Local traditions reflect the mixed ancestry of the peoples, with the African Big Drum Nation Dance and the European Quadrille.

Carriacou is known as the Land of Reefs. It is the largest of Grenada’s sister islands. The town of Hillsborough is the bustling heart of Carriacou, with banks, government offices, and the main police station. Business hours are generally from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Although just 13 sq miles in size, Carriacou is packed with activities to fill your day. From world-class snorkeling and diving on some of the Caribbean‘s most pristine reefs to historical attractions and cultural landmarks, Carriacou offers something for everyone. With a restaurant or bar around every bend, there is no shortage of good food, drink, and  entertainment, if you decided to leave the many pleasures of your Taylor’d Yacht Charters chartered yacht.

Rich in tradition, Carriacou has many unique customs handed down from African and European ancestors. These include traditional weddings, the traditional Boat Launching, the Tombstone Feast, “Saraca” libations, the Big Drum Nation Dance, the Village Maroons, Shakespeare Mas, All Saint Candle Lighting, the “Pass Play”, Cemetery Cleaning, and Fishermen Birthday Celebrations.

In the village of Windward, sailing boats are built using the traditional methods passed down by the Scottish settlers. Recent initiatives are encouraging younger persons to learn the art of boat building and to produce model boats. The annual Carriacou Regatta held in July/August seeks to rekindle this art.