Cat Island Yacht Charters

Cat Island is the sixth largest island in The Bahamas and lies near the Tropic of Cancer, between Eleuthera and Long Island.  It has one of the best climates in The Bahamas, with temperatures averaging 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit during the short winters and ranging from 80-90 degrees in the summer.

Many local historians believe that Cat Island residents, the peaceful Arawaks, were the first to welcome the great explorer Columbus to the new world.

With its pristine virgin beaches, Cat Island is one of the most beautiful islands in The Bahamas, and it is so little visited that it still feels undiscovered.

Cat Islanders are known for their ingenuity at using the materials at hand to make whatever they need.  Much of The Bahamas’ indigenous music, folklore, and myths originated here.  Local industry includes weaving straw hats and bags that you’ll likely see firsthand while out exploring the island. Other sights worth seeing are the many beautiful churches and the ruins of homes from the 19th century.