Croatia Yacht Charters

Croatia is a country with more than a thousand islands, so for that reason it is one of the best yacht charter holiday destinations you could choose from Taylor’d Yacht Charters in the Mediterranean.  With all those islands in the Adriatic to explore; innumerable bays and coves; glorious unspoiled beaches; crystal clear, turquoise waters; magnificent mountain views; delicious gastronomic delights; eight beautiful National Parks brimming with wildlife; and a Mediterranean climate balmy enough to grow palms, vines, and olives, it is not difficult to see why Croatia (Hrvatska) is becoming a very popular holiday destination. You can charter a modern yacht in Croatia, or you can charter one of their traditionally built, wooden sailing gulets, ketches, or schooners from Taylor’d Yacht Charters. Luxury cabin charter cruises are also available in these beautiful boats for individuals, couples, and small groups. These cultural and culinary cruises will take you to the most interesting and beautiful sights along the Dalmatian Coast.

The coastline, with one of the sunniest climates in Europe, has established itself as a major yachting destination since the 1980s. The climate is dry and comfortable. It is hot during the summer day, and pleasantly cool T-shirt weather in the evenings, and even a little chilly in the early morning before sunrise.

Restaurants serve excellent fish, beef, and lamb and are not expensive by USA or continental standards. Pizzas are Venetian style with a very thin, soft wet crust center. One of the favorite lunches is Dalmatian ham, cheese, tomatoes, bread, and local wine. The local cultures, scenery, and flavors change as one moves north. Croatia is certainly a great place to cruise.  Example Yacht Charter Itinerary – Croatia