Example Yacht Charter Itinerary Baja and the Sea of Cortes

Day 1.  La Paz, Mexico – The first European to explore La Paz in the early 16th century was Hernándo Cortés; today La Paz still retains a colonial feel.  Stroll the waterfront malécon and visit the Museo Regional de Antropología e Historia for a fascinating look at Baja’s past.

Day 2.  Isla Partida – Cruising on your yacht chartered from Taylor’d Yacht Charters, to the north are the islands of Isla Espíritu Santo and Isla Partida, which are separated only at high tide.  Enjoy some of the best fishing action in the Sea of Cortez east of Espíritu Santo, where wrecks attract the giants of the deep.  Spend the night on your yacht in a sandy cove on Partida.

Day 3.  Isla San José – Watch the busy sea lion colony on Los Islotes Rock
at Partida’s tip, then continue on your yacht charter north to Isla San José.  Hiking amid the unusually tall cactus, and kayaking in the serene lagoon are the favored pastimes on this secluded isle.

Day 4.  Bahia Agua Verde – Get an early start on your yacht that you have chartered from Taylor’d Yacht Charters and keep your lines in the water as you cruise along the Baja coastline.  Its sands, painted shades of orange and red, meet the Bahia Agua Verde (Green Water Bay).  Anchor in its stunning circular bay, and go ashore for a tour of its arroyos on muleback.

Day 5.  Loreto – The waters off Loreto, Baja’s oldest town, are famous
for their spectacular summer dorado runs.  Catch your dinner.  While your yacht’s chef transforms the flavorful fish into a memorable meal, your captain will head into port, so you may tour Misión Nuestra Señora de Loreto Conchó, a Spanish mission dating to 1697.

Day 6.  Isla San Francisco – Get another early start for the long run back south to the tiny islet of San Francisco, next door to Isla San José.  Dip into the clear waters of the Sea of Cortez from your Taylor’d Yacht Charters yacht’s swim platform for some snorkeling amid the rich marine life in a fertile ecosystem that has been likened to the Galápagos.

Day 7.  La Paz – End your vacation unwinding on Playa de Balandra in La Paz at the edge of a natural saltwater lagoon.  Now is the time to think about your next yacht charter.

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