French Riviera Yacht Charters

The French Riviera Yacht Charters

The Cote díAzur is known for its beautiful women, handsome men, glitzy casinos, ancient villages, fast cars, and beautiful yachts lining the quays.  There is plenty of glitter and nightlife, if that is what you desire, but there are also many beautiful gardens and quiet, private places to enjoy. On this coast there are centuries of history, as well as the very latest in fashions. You will enjoy the sparkle of the water as it laps against the side of your yacht that you have chartered from Taylor’d Yacht Charters, the smell of fresh baguettes, and the whisper of the breeze as it brushes through the pines. Whatever it is that you seek, you will find it here again and again.

Monaco was originally founded as a Greek trading post in about 500BC. One can only imagine the looks on their faces if they were transported into the future, standing quayside as the Grand Prix cars zip past! The Principality of Monaco is based on a
treaty signed with France on Feb. 2,1861. The whole economy of Monaco as we know it today was based on a small casino originally started in 1856 by the Prince. Remember, the whole Principality is only about 486 acres, which is smaller than New York’s Central Park, so it is easy to get around on foot.

A short jaunt down the coast, brings you Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, a small peninsula between Monaco and Nice. Once there, one of the best ways to see and appreciate its beauty is on foot by wandering along the coastal path, which is divided into three parts. The entire length is only about 6 miles long, a nice walk, and even nicer if you get a ride back!

Closer to Nice is Villefranche, with its port, old town, and gentle curve of coastline. The old village has narrow streets and stairways with covered passages leading down to carefully restored houses with colorful facades. The old village seems to be guarded by the Saint Elme citadel, dating back to the 16th Century.  Sandy and Tom of Taylor’d Yacht Charters enjoy eating at
any one of the many shore side restaurants in Villefranche and recommend it to their charter guests.

Nice is ancient. The Greeks established it in the 5th Century as part of a string of trading posts and named it Nikaia. However, it was probably the Romans who started it as the tourist destination that it is today with their extensive baths on Cimiez.  Sandy and Tom of Taylor’d Yacht Charters recommend the open market in Nice for shopping and eating to their guests on the yachts.

Antibes was originally named “Antipolis” by the Greeks, when they founded it in the 5th Century, BC.There are several museums to poke about in, including the Musee Picasso (originally the Chateau Grimaldi); Musee Archeologique; and just for fun, the Musee de la Tour des Arts et Traditions Populaires (Museum of Folk Arts and Tradition).  All this museum hopping is sure to make you thirsty, so you might want to go visit the Hop Store Irish Pub, located near one of the marinas. Once used for
storing salt, the impressive vaulted cellars have been converted into an Irish pub that is a popular meeting place for the English speaking community.

Cannes is the “start” of the French Riviera, famous for the International Film Festival and its glitzy hotels, cars, and sandy beaches. The city of Cannes is centered around the old port and is very compact. Le Suquet is the old section of town, overlooking the west end of the port. The ramparts date back to the 12thCentury and give a medieval flavor to the city, as do the narrow, winding streets.The large harbor is a comfortable anchorage, and the yachts anchoring here find both protection from the wind and waves, not to mention admiring looks from the people strolling along the Blvd. De la Croisette. In the morning the Allees de la Liberte houses a flower market, plus a popular flea market on Saturdays.

Legend has it that the name of Saint Tropez came from Torpes, a martyr who refused to abjure his faith. He was beheaded and
his body placed in a boat and sent adrift. The boat was last seen drifting in the Bay, heading towards shore. Regardless of the dubious beginnings of its name, Saint Tropez was the hot spot of the Cote díAzur during the 1950s and into the 60s, with its glittering jetset crowds.


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