Great Inagua Yacht Charters

Contrary to popular belief, Inagua is not an anagram for iguana. That herbivorous animal is found on several other islands, but it is not common to Inagua’s shores, nor has one ever been sighted there.  Inagua is believed to be named after its original settler Heneagua, which means “water to be found here.”

Inagua is actually two separate islands, Great Inagua and Little Inagua, covering 645 square miles.  Together, they form the most southern tip of The Islands Of The Bahamas, where they are positioned less than 60 miles from the coasts of Cuba and Haiti.

Also located on Great Inagua is The Morton Salt Company’s main facility.  Known for seawater salt recovery, Morton Salt uses this facility to produce about a million pounds of salt per year — the second largest saline operation in

North America.  This has long been Inagua’s main source of industry.

Little Inagua is five miles north of Great Inagua and is completely uninhabited except for herds of wild donkeys, goats, and a wide variety of birdlife, including a rare species of heron.

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Home to over 80,000 flamingos, the national bird of The Bahamas, Inagua is a haven for birdwatchers. Along with the flamingos, birding enthusiasts will find over 140 species of native and migratory birds, making Inagua the Birdwatching Capital of The Bahamas. The island is also home to three national parks and preserves, as well as one of three remaining kerosene-burning, hand-cranked lighthouses in The Bahamas. If ecotourism is your

Though the bone fishing can be good it is limited by the small number of flats and difficult access.  There are some flats around the lighthouse that can be reached by car, but most of the flats and creek systems can only be reached by boat.It’s fair to say that no more than six anglers at a time can comfortably fish Great Inagua.Flamingo’sThe island has one guide who has fished the island for years and knows the flats and creeks intimately.  He trailers his boat to very rustic “boat ramps” that he has constructed throughout the island to minimize the length of time it takes to reach the fishing grounds