Italian Luxury Yacht Charters in the Mediterranean

The open water isn’t anything new, but many people seem to be rediscovering it as of late. There are plenty of things to do on the open water, especially in the Mediterranean Sea around the country of Italy, which is one of the most popular yacht chartering destinations. Chartering a luxury yacht out of Italy allows the guests to cruise the Mediterranean between Europe and Africa. The yacht charter guests may choose different ports of call in and around Italy.

From the island of Corsica to Elba on the Tuscan Archipelago, you can rest assured that there is plenty to see, plenty to do, and more than a few interesting people to meet!  Elba Island happens to be the largest of the islands in the Tuscan Archipelago, and it has been inhabited since the ancient times. Throughout the island a beautiful mountain range accents the horizon. The largest of the mountains is Monte Capanne.

Naples is undoubtedly one of the best ventures to undertake on your luxury yacht charter. If you know your history, then you know that the nearby city of Pompeii is one of the most popular and most significant in the area. Naples today is a beautiful, vibrant city that boasts an incredible industrial area. There are many who will travel to this port simply to behold the 19th century Galeria Umberto, which is a beautiful glass-roofed plaza that features arches, plaster angels, and all sorts of carvings. Experience the incredible cafes, bookstalls, and numerous shops that flank the streets in this incredible port of call.

Who hasn’t heard of Sicily? This just happens to be the home of Mount Etna, one of the tallest volcanoes in the world. Situated around it you will find a beautiful national park that features skiing, with the option to visit Catania at the base of the volcano. If time allows on your private yacht charter, feel free to visit one of the many ancient ruins located around the mountain!

One morning you may wake up in the Bay of Calvi on your private chartered yacht from TAYLOR’D YACHT CHARTERS.  Then you will know you are in spectacular Corsica.  The mountains tower over the bays and reach heights in excess of 20000 meters.  The port of Calvi has a colorful array of buildings, cobbled streets climbing up to a Genoese Citadel, and a pine fringed crescent of silver sand stretching as far as the eye can see.  This should delight all on board.  This is a perfect opportunity for your captain to order all water toys on your yacht into the water.  You can make a trip by tender to the nature reserve at Scandola, or just take a walk in the surrounding areas to see panoramic views.  If everyone is enjoying the water sports off the yacht, we would suggest a buffet lunch on board.

The choices are all yours on your Mediterranean chartered yacht in Italy. Just call Tom and Sandy Taylor of  TAYLOR’D YACHT CHARTERS to book this incredible adventure.


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