Italy, Elba, Corsica, and Sardinia

Italy dangles like a Christmas stocking from the center of Western Europe, stuffed with overflowing treasures for all your senses. The topography of Italy varies from the heights of the Alps, to the breadth of great plains and wonderful islands.

Excluding the islands, Italy is approximately 260,000 square km, which is roughly the size of Britain, but it is the islands that fascinate. These are what we explore on our chartered yacht from Taylor’d Yacht Charters starting with Elba in the Tuscan Archipelago, on to the French island of Corsica, and finally Sardinia situated directly below Corsica.

Located to the west of Italy, but close enough to have been inhabited since ancient times, Elba is the largest island of the Tuscan Archipelago. The archipelago consists of several islands scattered like jewels across the sea. Heavily forested but sprinkled with granite outcroppings, Elba is a study of deep green and pink. Dominated by a chain of mountains, the tallest ones are to the West with the highest peak being Monte Capanne.


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