15 Days In The Ionian, Greece Yacht Charter Itinerary

Example Yacht Charter Itinerary – 15 Days In The Ionian

Greece Yacht Charter – Itinerary

The Ionian Islands are located in the Ionian Sea, off the west coast of Greece and are composed of Corfu, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Lefkada, Ithaca, Paxos, and Kythira. The islands are well known for their beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, charming villages, and stunning scenic countryside which is verdant and flourishing.  Each Ionian island has a distinct character and offers everything you could wish for from a Greek Island holiday on your chartered yacht from Taylor’d Yacht Charters.

Day 1:  Athens – Corinth Canal crossing – Galaxidi (75 nautical miles)

Corinth Canal: This canal unites the Saronic Bay with the Bay of Corinth, minimizing the distance in miles between the islands of the Aegean and the Ionian Sea.  It connects Peloponnese to Attica and was completed in 1882, after 13 years of excavations.

Day 2:  Galaxidi – Sami (88 nautical miles)

Galaxidi:  A beautiful town surrounded by lovely beaches and taverns, Galaxidi allows one to meander through her streets or simply visit the local marine museum.  The wealth and grandeur of this picturesque port have a long history and tradition for shipbuilding.

Day 3:  Sami – Meganisi (30 nautical miles)

Sami:  The most significant harbor on the island, Sami has links with Italy, Patras, and Corfu.  The area combines an extended coastline and is a most interesting inland.  Along the coastline one finds landscapes of exceptional beauty, such as Paliouras and Antisamos Beaches, as well as the small lake of Karavomylos.
Day 4:  Meganisi – Skorpios – Lefkas (11 nautical miles)

Meganisi:  The largest of the group of islets in the southern part of Lefkas is Meganisi.  There are three villages here with traditional seaside taverns and few but hospitable inhabitants.

Skorpios:  One of the most famous private islands in the world lies in the Ionian Sea off the western coast of Greece and is mainly known as the private island of the late Greek shipping billionaire Aristotle Onassis.

Lefkada:  A mountainous island, covered with dense vegetation to the east and south, Lefkada’s eastern coast slopes gently down to the sea, which is sheltered from the wind and dotted with thickly wooded islets.  The most famous of these are Skorpios, Madouri, and Sparti.  In contrast, the west coast is steep, with a few stunted pine trees and lined with spectacular stretches of endless golden beach.  A few miles from Skorpios, on the eastern coast of Lefkada Island, is Nidri, one of the most popular holiday spots on the island.  Nidri was the home of the German archaeologist Dorpfeld, who maintained that Lefkada was in fact none other than Homer’s Ithaki.

Greece Yacht Charter – Itinerary – Day 5:  Lefkas – Antipaxi – Paxi (34 nautical miles)

Antipaxi:  Inhabited by merely 120 persons, Antipaxi is a quiet and remote paradise with beautiful beaches and clear blue waters.

Paxi:  This Island’s history has been closely related to that of Corfu, evident from the Venetian castle built on the isle of St. Nicholas.  Nature has proven to be more than gracious to this small island.  Secluded bays are on the east of the island, while the west is dominated by steep hills covered by olive trees producing one of the finest olive oils available in the world.

Day 6:  Paxi – Corfu (31 nautical miles)

Corfu:  Considered to be the most international islands of the Ionian, Corfu is a small paradise on earth. From Paleokastritsa to Kanoni, and the Achillion to Pontikonissi and the northern coast, one will find scenic coves and vegetation that drops into the deep blue sea.  On this cosmopolitan island it is easy to combine relaxation with intense night life.

Day 7:  Corfu –Sivota (21 nautical miles)

Sivota:  North of the Ionic Sea is a scenic coastal village with rare natural beauty situated in Thesprotia.  Her name is Sivota.

Day 8:  Sivota – Parga (14 nautical miles)

Parga:  This Island is an exceptional place of rare beauty.  The clear waters have rich vegetation, ideal for those who enjoy snorkeling.  The city is built on the remains of a Venetian castle and overlooks numerous evergreen islets with picturesque streets.

Day 9:  Parga – Nidri (Lefkada) (39 nautical miles)

Nidri:  Along with Lefkada Town, Nidri is one of the main yachting destinations in the Ionian Sea.  Its location on the East Coast of Levkas means that the sea is usually calm and the perfect place to anchor your chartered yacht from Taylor’d Yacht Charters.  It is an ideal place to learn to sail.

Greece Yacht Charter – Itinerary – Day 10:  Nidri – Kalamos – Kastos (17 nautical miles)

Kalamos:  Kalamos is a tall mountain range which floats on the sea, its northern side overgrowing with towering, thick pine trees.  Even at first sight from a distance, Kalamos captivates with its unusual, wild landscape.

Kastos:  Southeast of Lefkada is Kastos.  This unique small coastal settlement is in the middle of the eastern side of the island in a well protected bay with a sandy beach.  Kastos offers a wide variety of watersports, fishing, swimming, long walks between its stone houses, oil groves, old oil presses, and a windmill standing over the village.  This windmill is the only one in Lefkada’s jurisdiction whose mechanism is still preserved.

Day 11:  Kastos – Fiskardo (18 nautical miles)

Fiskardo:  Fiskardo, the island’s northernmost port, is a well known anchorage for yachts.
Fiskardo is perhaps the island’s most picturesque town, as the English traveller Miller contended in the 19th century.  This port is the perfect place to spend the day on your boat chartered through Taylor’d Yacht Charters.

Day 12:  Fiskardo – Ithaki (14 nautical miles)

Ithaki:  Unspoiled by tourism, this island is a serene and remote paradise.  Ithaki is the homeland of Odysseus, the hero that Homer praised.  The mountainous terrain blends softly into numerous bays while her capital, Vathi, overlooks the remains of two fortresses at the entrance of the harbour.

Day 13:  Ithaki – Zakinthos (41 nautical miles)

Zakinthos:  Called “Fiorro di Levante” meaning the “Flower of the Orient”, Zakinthos offers a variety of beautiful flowers, a glorious past, and local music called the “kantades”, which can be heard almost every night.  It is not easy to leave Zakinthos and forget her emerald sea, the pine covered hills, or the hospitable openhearted inhabitants.

Day 14:  Zakinthos – Nafpaktos (56 nautical miles)

Nafpaktos:  Two magnificent towers rising at the entrance of her port, Nafpaktos is overlooked by an Acropolis and  located amidst seemingly evergreen hills.  Upon entering her port on your rented yacht from Taylor’d Yacht Charters, one will see the boat is surrounded by cafes and numerous bars.

Greece Yacht Charter – Itinerary – Day 15:  Nafpaktos – Corinth Canal crossing – Athens (97 nautical miles)

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