Cyclades Islands Greece Yacht Charter Itinerary

Example Yacht Charter Itinerary – CYCLADES ISLANDS, GREECE

Cyclades Islands Yacht Charter – Itinerary

Day 1

KEA is an exceptionally picturesque island.  On the south side of Nikolaos Bay, which was a pirate stronghold in the 13th century, is the little port of Korissia built on the site of ancient Korissia.  There are remains of the ancient town walls and the Sanctuary of Apollo.  The famous lion, carved from the native rock in the 6th century B.C., can be seen just northeast of Kea Town.  Another highlight is the beautiful anchorage of Poleis.  Vourkari is a small bay with many traditional taverns, small shops, and bars and is certainly worth a visit on your Taylor’d Yacht Charter.

Day 2

MYKONOS is the most popular island of Cyclades group, famous for its international jet set visitors and its celebrating atmosphere which reaches over the entire island.  Mykonos has a very active nightlife in combination with beautiful beaches and excellent restaurants.  This is Sandy and Tom Taylor’s of Taylor’d Yacht Charters favorite Greek island.

PAROS is considered as one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades.  Three bays cut deep inland.  In the west is the sheltered Paroikia Bay, with the island’s capital that serves as the main sailing port.  In the north is the bay which shelters the little town of Naoussa, which in Roman times was the island’s main port for the shipment of Lychnite marble.  In the east is the flat Marmara Bay.  Paros is also known in Greece for its ideal weather conditions for windsurfing.

Day 4

IOS is a small island in the heart of the Cyclades.  Ios is said to be the island of youth, where young people from all over the world meet and enjoy their summers.  Ios is famous for its vivid nightlife with an uncountable number of bars, cafés, clubs, and restaurants and for its beaches with crystal clear water.  The little port of Ios, with the domed Church of Ayia Irini (17th c.) lies in a sheltered bay on the west coast of the island.  One kilometer up the fertile Kato Kampos Valley, conspicuously and picturesquely situated on the hillside, is the chief village on the island, Ios.

Day 5

SANTORINI or THIRA   Many reasons have made Santorini famous worldwide:  Its great wines; the international and local cuisine; but most of all, the villages which are situated on cliffs, offer breathtaking views over a submerged volcano.  The island also has impressive beaches with the sand of your choice: black, red, or white!  Thira together with the smaller islands of Thirasia and Aspro are part of a volcanic crater, which has been engulfed by the sea.  In the center are the Kammeni islands, the cones of later volcanoes, which came into being in historical times.  Hot springs and emissions of gas bear witness to continuing volcanic activity.

Day 6

SIFNOS is a hilly island.  The west coast is barren and burnt rock, but on the east side of the island where most of the population live, it is greener and cultivated in places.  The medieval village of Kastro is a delightful place.  The beaches on the southeast coast are very popular.


SERIFOS has a modest tourist trade in summer.  The white houses of the chora on the hill above Livadhi Bay are like icing on a bun.  The view from the chora down onto the bay and over the sea and islands beyond is well worth the trip.

Day 8

KYTHNOS or THERMIA is an unspoiled island.  The coast is much indented with many beautiful anchorages and ports, and for the most part falls steeply down to the sea.  The two charming inland villages, Chora (Kythnos Town) and the lively little Dryopis, can best be visited by scooter or bike.  The two main ports are Mericha and Loutra.  Mericha, only a minute’s sail away from the oddly shaped Sandbar Bay, is the smaller of the two.  Loutra on the northeast has a new harbor with new slips providing protection, a great place for your chartered yacht from Taylor’d Yacht Charters to dock on the island.

Cyclades Islands Yacht Charter – Itinerary – Day 9

ATHENS is the capital of Greece.  Within the sprawling city of Athens, it is easy to imagine the golden age of Greece when Pericles had the Parthenon (the most eminent monument of ancient Greek architecture) built.  Athens is built around the Acropolis and the pinnacled crag of Mt. Lycabettus, which the goddess Athena was said to have dropped from the heavens as a bulwark to defend the city.  The suburbs have covered the barren plain in all directions, and the city is packed with lively taverns and bustling shops.

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