La Bella Italia Yacht Charter Itinerary

Example Yacht Charter Itinerary – La Bella Italia

La Bella Italia Yacht Charter – Itinerary

Day 1:  Board your charter yacht that you have rented from Taylor’d Yacht Charters at the Port of Genoa and settle in on the Mediterranean.  You arrived in Genoa the day before, have explored the city, hopefully eaten at the wonderful Zeffirinos Restaurant famous for serving the Pope, Frank Sinatra, and Tom and Sandy!  Now you are ready to start your adventure!  You might choose to watch from the skydeck while cruising to Portofino.

Day 2:  While the scuba divers of the group go out for a dive, the rest of you will enjoy the beautiful village of Portofino and later might want to hop in a cab for the short seaside ride over to Santa Margherita.  Santa Margherita is a favorite of Sandy and Tom’s of Taylor’d Yacht Charters.  Be sure to enjoy some shrimp at one of the outside cafes beside the statue of Columbus and the shore.

Day 3:  Cruise on down the coast to Cinque Terre, “the five lands”.  You decide to walk the entire way from Monterosso to Riomaggiore, where the crew will pick you up.  It is a beautiful walk of just a little over 4 ½ hours…if you don’t stop.  Which, of course you do!  Pictures need to be taken, and mementos need to be purchased.

La Bella Italia Yacht Charter – Itinerary – Day 4:  While you slept, the captain and crew of your chartered yacht from Taylor’d Yacht Charters have cruised through the night, and you wake up in Rome, Italy‘s most historic city!  You spend the day exploring this fascinating city.  Even though you have gone to the Colosseum, there has not been one gladiator sighting.  Russel Crowe is no where to been seen.  Sigh!  Maybe next time.

Day 5:  You slept, your captain and crew worked, moving the yacht to Ischia in the Bay of Naples.  The day is spent in glorious sunshine on the beautiful beaches.  If you really need to do something, visit the hot mineral springs of Maronti for a nice relaxing hot springs bath.

Day 6:  Enjoy the scenery during your leisurely breakfast, as you cruise on over to the Isle of Capri.  Your captain anchors near the Faraglioni, three towering limestone pinnacles in the sea.

Day 7:  It’s off to Positano, Italy’s most vertical town!  On the way, you stop for a swim off one of the islets of Le Galli, the legendary home of the Sirens.  Your captain, resisting the Siren’s song, takes you on over to Positano.

La Bella Italia Yacht Charter – Itinerary – Day 8:  All too soon, it’s time to head for your last stop, Naples.  You have scheduled an extra couple of days ashore here, to enjoy the city and explore Pompeii.  It has been a beautiful cruise: fabulous food, enticing waters, and incredible scenery.  You are ready to start all over again! Italy is our favorite in the Mediterranean.

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