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Example Yacht Charter Itinerary – Mauritius


Mauritius Yacht Charters – Itinerary – 6 Nights/ 7 Days Yacht Charter Itinerary

Day 1

NORTHERN ISLANDS:  Arrival at Bain Boeuf;  check-in and boarding on your chartered yacht from Taylor’d Yacht Charters.  Departure from Bain Boeuf to Flat and Gabriel islands.  Arrive and anchor in the lagoon near Flat Island.  Time free to swim and discover the 2 islands.  Dinner (EX:  fish and prawns brochettes/grilled sausages/spicy rice/bananas flambéed ) prepared by your chef and a beautiful first night on board.

Day 2

GRAND BAY:  Breakfast on board (EX:  bacon/eggs/baked beans/toast/cereals/yogurt/tea ,coffee, or milk).  Disembark from Flat Island.  A delicious lunch on board (EX:  chicken curry/chutney selection/perfumed rice/red beans).  Departure to grand Bay in the afternoon.  Arrive and anchor in the lagoon at Grand Bay. Time free for shopping in Grand Bay.  Dinner on board (EX:  fish in Creole sauce/salad/chutney selection/spicy rice/banana flambéed).  Night on board.

Day 3

AT PORT LOUIS WATER FRONT:  Breakfast on board (EX:  bacon/ eggs/baked beans/toast/cereals/ yogurt/ tea ,coffee, milk).  Departure for Mont Choisy.  Arrive and anchor at Mont Choisy.  Time free for swimming and snorkelling.  Embarkation and lunch ( EX:  Beef filet/sauté potatoes/salad ).  Departure for Port Louis.  Arrival at Port Louis in your wonderful yacht you have chartered from Taylor’d Yacht Charters and anchor at the la Marina du Caudan waterfront.  Dinner (EX:  grilled fish filet/safran rice/salads).  Night at mooring.

Day 4

BLACK RIVER:  Breakfast on board (EX:  bacon/eggs/baked beans/toast/cereals/yogurt/tea ,coffee, milk).  Departure to visit the city and the market of Port Louis.  Time free in Caudan Waterfront.  Embarkation and lunch (EX:  sausages in Creole sauce/lentils/rice/salad).  Embarkation and departure for Black River.  Arrival at Black River.  Time free for swimming and rest.  Dinner on board (EX:  carpaccio of marlin/chicken chop soy/salads/spicy rice/fruits).  Night at mooring.

Day 5

TAMARIN:  Breakfast on board (EX:  bacon/eggs/baked beans/toast/cereals/yogurt/tea ,coffee, milk).  Dolphin trips.  Anchor for lunch at Tamarin (EX:  sweet and sour fish/rice/salads).  Departure for Turtle Bay.  Dinner (EX:  tiger prawns/baked potatoes/salads ).  Night at mooring.

Day 6

BALACLAVA:  Breakfast on board (EX:  bacon/eggs/baked beans/toast/cereals/yogurt/tea ,coffee, milk).  Departure from Turtle Bay to Casitas Beach.  Arrive and anchor at Casitas Beach.  Time free for swimming. Embarkation and lunch (EX:  chop suoy beef/fried rice).  Time free for swimming.  Dinner ( EX:  spaghetti carbonara with chicken).  Night on board.

Mauritius Yacht Charters – Itinerary – Day 7

BAIN BOEUF:  Breakfast on board (EX:  bacon/eggs/baked beans/toast/cereals/yogurt/tea ,coffee, milk). Departure from Casitas Beach to Bain Boeuf.  Arrive and anchor in Bain Boeuf Bay.  Check-out and departure from your chartered yacht from Taylor’d Yacht Charters.

Note : The itinerary is subject to weather and regulatory conditions and may change at the skipper’s discretion.  Itinerary courtesy of Magic Sails Mauritius.

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