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Papua New Guinea South Pacific – The beauty of Papua New Guinea is wonderfully varied. Postcard white sand beaches and lagoons provide great swimming visibility and excellent fishing. The rugged mountain terrain and deep cave systems offer wonderful adventure opportunities for walkers, cavers and climbers. Guests can enjoy some of the world’s best diving and snorkelling around its warm coastal waters, with striking coral reefs around the mainland coast and the islands of the Bismarck Sea and the Milne Bay area.

Papua New Guinea Yacht Charter, Sample 7 day Itinerary, Itinerary

1 Rabual > Duke of York Islands > Kavieng Itinerary

2 Alotau > Samurai & Kwato Islands > Louisade Archipelago > Conflict Islands

Papua New Guinea Yacht Charter – Things to do and see

Papua New Guinea Things to do and see:
Dive shipwrecks, Dip in 45 degree “hot rivers” fed from volcanic springs, Climb a volcano or view it from a helicopter, For history buffs relics of WWII can be explored, Open air markets within the village are fascinating to explore. Go fishing!! Expect to catch mackerel, tuna, wahoo, trevally, and sailfish. Swim in the aqua lagoons surrounding the islands, Snorkel, water ski, Island hop, beach comb or a lazy picnic under the coconut trees.

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