Solomon Islands, South Pacific Yacht Charter -Sailing Vacation Itinerary

Example Yacht Charter Itinerary – Solomon Islands Yacht Charter

Solomon Islands are an amazing collection of almost 1000 islands lying to the south of Papua New Guinea. The Solomon Islands boast some of the most spectacular scuba diving reefs in the world and are renowned for its abundance of soft corals and wreck diving. Soaring mist enshrouded mountains preside above dense, abundant rainforest, Waterfalls and rivers cascade to an intricate coastline.The most spectacular and sheltered cruising in the Solomon Islands is located between Honiara and Gizo, a one way passage of less than 300nautical miles. This is indeed a diver’s paradise and an eco tourism destination that’s unspoiled, unhurried and totally unforgettable. The Solomon Islands,

Solomon Islands Yacht Charter – Sample 7 day Itinerary

1. Honiara > Nggela Group of Islands > Russell Islands > Tetepare Island >Gizo.

2. Honiara > Tetepare Island > Nggela Group of Islands > Russell Islands > Gizo.

To do and see: Sea Kayaking, Visit the world’s largest uplifted coral island, The wide array of art and craft makes Solomon Islands a collectors dream come true! Explore multitude of small, lush and beautiful islands with a mystical past, renown for witchcraft, cannibalism and headhunting Guests can visit Nono Lagoon and Vona Vona Lagoon, reportedly the most beautiful bays in the Solomon Islands Watch the world go by from the Jacuzzi on the top deck.

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