South Kimberley, South Pacific Yacht Charter Vacation Itinerary

Yacht Charter Itinerary – South Kimberley Australia

South Kimberley Yacht Charter – Itinerary

Setting off from Broome, the South Kimberley cruise takes seven leisurely days to reach the majestic Hunter River.

Apart from fixed dates of departure and arrival, we offer a flexible itinerary. According to guest requests on each cruise, and considering tides and prevailing weather conditions, the journey can vary. However, we would never miss major sites like:

• Montgomery Reef
• The Horizontal Falls, or
• King Cascade Waterfall

These are must-see attractions! You can also expect to:

• Travel up-river to rugged Gorges;
• See man-eating crocodiles;
• Cast a fishing line (or two-hundred);

• Drink to spectacular sunsets; and,
• Experience five-billion-star dining.

As always, we encourage you to do as much, or as little, as you like. So if you prefer a good book, quiet and complete rest, you’re welcome to stay on-board and pursue more contemplative pursuits. It’s your holiday and your choice.

Here’s the suggested day by day South Kimberley Itinerary.

Day One
Our driver meets you at your luxury hotel. It is 1330 hours in the historic pearling town of Broome. We arranged all connecting flights and accommodation. Welcome Aboard!

Settle into your luxury suite and meet The Captain and The Crew. Safety briefings complete it is cocktail hour and time to sail. World-famous sunset at Cable Beach as we cruise by, heading north into one of the world’s last great wilderness areas. Constellations shimmer and only the finest cuisine & finest wine is served. Retire below to absolute luxury of your private en-suite cabin. Maybe relax in front of the flat screen. The satellite telephone or Internet is at your command. A nightcap if inclined. I-pod connect. If sleep escapes, join us navigating the night or sleep sound and wake in Yampi Sound.

Day Two
Morning is the wonderland of Buccaneer Archipelago’s hidden bays. Civilization lost. Fresh Oysters easily found. Wonder at Yampi Sound’s ancient geological history. Discover pioneering spirit & fascinating local history. 20th Century iron ore mining operations prove sustainable. Land, sea and air: abundance of astounding wildlife. Visit Crocodile Creek Waterfall and the beautiful swimming hole before being humbled by the power of the Horizontal Falls – an absolutely amazing and totally unique natural phenomenon. Massive tides rush huge volumes of water through a narrow chasm. Nature is at her powerful best in the Kimberley’s – an ancient land at massive scale. The Jet boat will be launched for an exhilarating ride through the falls. Fishing parties often return triumphant. Fresh fish is a perennial favorite but the chef caters to all. Calm waters and warm evenings of the Kimberley dry season. Look to the stars for the greatest show on earth.

Day Three
You can catch the sunrise in the hydro-tub or enjoy a late and sumptuous breakfast in the salon. Indeed, you can sleep until lunch if you wish. It’s your cruise and your choice. By this time we have arrived at Montgomery Reef. The tide disappears very quickly and water cascades over the coral reef. An explosion of color and diversity is revealed in temporary lagoons. Witness this beautiful marine environment’s brief surface performance. Many species of fish are here including Manta Rays, dugongs, sharks and turtles. The Jet Boat is easily launched for exploration and fishing aficionados can head off in one of the Tenders. These trips often see guests returning with impossibly big barramundi or snapper although a prime filet steak and delicate red is always an option.

Day Four

It’s called Doubtful Bay yet we know exactly where we are, entering the Sale River and its charismatic estuary. Head up the river through rugged and remote Kimberley gorges. Swim in crystal clear pools unspoiled by travelers. Take a stroll or prepare for a hike through breathtaking scenery. Isolated and hidden for millions of years, the unique Australian wildlife rarely disappoints. The coastline and rugged shores are unforgiving, in direct contrast to the luxury enjoyed onboard. It’s an experience hard to beat.

Day Five
Cruising toward Camden Barbour we pass Kurri Bay’s pearl farms. Kimberley pearls are as prized as her beautiful diamonds. Explore the ruins of one of the earliest pioneering sheep stations or maybe set-off on an oyster hunting party. The fishing lines are always waiting to test the waters. Enjoy the cocktail hour on board or on a secluded beach before spending a tranquil evening at anchor in a peaceful bay.

Day Six
Wake up to adventure in the Kimberley’s largest inland sea. Cruise through St. George Basin to reach the Prince Regent River. Get close and very personal to magnificent King Cascade Waterfalls, a scene of tropical splendor untouched and unseen by the masses . Some guests climb high above the falls for spectacular views. Others cannot resist one of the many fresh water rock pools. Camp Creek is deceptively named for such a divine natural haven. Dive into the crystal waters and revitalize the soul. Another glorious Kimberley sunset sets the scene to see the end of another day in paradise.

Day Seven
The morning sun greets us in Careening Bay. Visit one of the Kimberley’s most historic sites, the ancient Boab tree. The Tenders are launched for more exploring and sightseeing. Fishing the rich bounty in these waters is difficult to ignore. Lunch is served as we cruise to remote Bigge Island. Step ashore one of the largest islands in the Kimberley and discover indigenous art treasures hidden among the rock shelters. Marvel at a traditional indigenous culture over 60,000 years old. The sun is setting on the last night of the South Kimberley cruise. Our chef has prepared another culinary delight in order to savoir your final night onboard.

South Kimberley Yacht Charter – Day Eight
The final destination of the South Kimberley cruise is now in sight. Stand in awe at the majestic Hunter River and the rugged landscape. The Indian Head at the river mouth welcomes you. Kimberley-red rocks contrast brilliantly with another clear blue sky. If you have booked 14 nights, stay aboard for the North Kimberley cruise. Departing guests enjoy a spectacular helicopter flight. See the Mitchell Falls before landing at the Mitchell Plateau. Board a light aircraft for a scenic flight back to Broome. Be amazed at the sheer magnitude of the Kimberley landscape as you get a birds-eye view from the air. Arrive at Broome at around 1430 Hours.

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