The Grenadines Yacht Charter Itinerary

Example Yacht Charter Itinerary – Grenadines

The Grenadines Yacht Charter – Itinerary

Day 1.  Bequia – Meet your Taylor’d Yacht Charters yacht at Young Island, just off St. Vincent’s southern coast.  Head for the lush, green isle of Bequia (prounounced “beck-way”), and anchor in picturesque Admiralty Bay.  Tender ashore to Port Elizabeth, where the local craftsman are famous for their model boats.

Day 2.  Union Island – Spend the morning on one of Bequia’s golden beaches or dive the Devil’s Table, loaded with fish and coral.  Then cruise on your Taylor’d Yacht Charters boat to Union Island, topped by 1,000 foot Mt. Tabol.  Anchor off the long sand beach in Chatham Bay.

Day 3.  Tobago Cays – The five tiny, uninhabited islands that make up the Tobago Cays is surrounded by pristine Horseshoe Reef.  This is a snorkeler’s paradise with a fantastic array of sponges, coral formations, and feeding fish.  In the afternoon, the dive boats all depart, leaving you in perfect solitude.

Day 4.  Canouan – Return to civilized pleasures on Canouan Island and play a round of golf at the Jim Fazio designed Trump International Golf Club at the Raffles Resort, the only 18 hole course in the Grenadines.  Or pamper yourself at Raffles’ Amrita Spa.

Day 5.  Mustique – A private, 1,400 acre island lined by green valleys, Mustique is an exclusive retreat for famous names whom you may see at the next table in Basil’s Bar.  Be sure to head to the Mustique Equestrian Center for a ride along the island’s many trails.

Day 6.  Young Island – Spend the morning in the surf at Mustique’s Macaroni Bay.  Cruise on your Taylor’d Yacht Charters yacht to Petit Nevis, a private island off Bequia’s southern shore, for a last lunch in splendid isolation.  Returning to Young Island, take your tender to Lime Restaurant and Pub on the mainland for a seafood feast.

The Grenadines Yacht Charter – Itinerary – Day 7.  St. Vincent – Reserve your final day for a tour of this dramatic island before your departure.  Rent a four-wheel vehicle and head north to the Bamboo Forest.  Make the two hour climb to the summit of La Soufrière or hike to Trinity Falls, a group of three cascades.  The Windward Islands are a beautiful part of the Caribbean.

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