Mediterranean Yacht Charters


Private Luxury Yacht Charter Locations in the Western Mediterranean:


Homeport to some of the world’s finest luxury charter yachts and mega yachts. The Western Mediterranean offers a wide variety of opportunities to the yacht charter vacationer, including a wide range of luxury power yachts and some of the finest sailing yachts in the world. In some cases, a charter yacht is the only way to reach many of these highly sought after destinations; however, in all cases, Europe and the Western Med is one of the most elegant yacht cruising one could take. The old and the new co-exist harmoniously in this vast part of the world. The Med is a  wondrous mixture of opulence and grandeur, mixed with a splash of old world culture, and sprinkled by glittering nightlife.

Monaco hosts the largest European boatshow, where one can wander the docks and dream of not only chartering these magnificent vessels but owning them as well. Here you can see the historical palace and museums of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier. The royal family often comes to the boatshow as well, so you may see them on the docks or be seated next to them in one of the many small eateries or hotels that surround the port that makes up the center of Monaco.

One can attend charter a yacht to attend the Cannes Film Festival, for example, and be in sight of the city’s age-old fishing port. “Stargazing” during this festival is also possible from the aft deck of your luxury yacht that you have chartered from Taylor’d Yacht Charters.

In Italy, the old town of Capri shadows some of the most modern and opulent villas in the world.

Portofino has a secluded but popular harbor that many charter yachts as well as cruise ships visit.  This Italian village is a personal favorite of Tom and Sandy Taylor.

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Private Luxury Yacht Charter Locations in the Eastern Mediterranean:


Quickly becoming the destination of choice, the Eastern Mediterranean consists of the Adriatic Sea, encompassing such ports as Venice, Trieste, Dubrovnik and Split; the islands of Greece and Turkey, including the Ionian and Aegean Seas.

Venice is a fantastic jumping off point for yacht charters in Croatia. A conglomerate of islands located within a protective lagoon, Venice is one of the most preserved historical cities in Europe. A city for pedestrians and mariners, there are no cars or bicycles; just gondolas, water taxis, and your own two feet. A two or three day visit is an absolute must for charterers of all ages. Needless to say, Venice is no exception to the rule that “you eat well in Italy”.  St. Mark’s Cathedral and Square and Harry’s Bar are historical landmarks one must visit. Sandy and Tom Taylor of Taylor’d Yacht Charters find chartering Venice is probably one of the most romantic venus that starcrossed lovers could choose.

Croatia is fast becoming a popular yacht charter destination. Pristine coastline, waters, and beaches are just the beginning. There are 1,185 islands off the coast of Croatia, and only 66 are inhabited, which makes for fantastic island hopping. Croatia is the new hotspot in Europe, with beautiful beaches and picturesque historical towns – this coast is not to be missed!

In Croatia, just minutes from Dubrovnik – arguably one of the most preserved medieval cities in the world – modern marinas host new world-class yachts.

CAUTION: An introduction to this life style could soon become an addiction.

Whether you are looking to bask in the Mediterranean sun or explore the beginnings of civilization as we know it, the Greek Islands are always an exciting destination. Uncover ruins dating back to 500 BC, swim in the azure water, and tour antiquities that you only learned about in school. Greece is a country blessed with more than 10,000 miles of coastline and some 1,500 islands. The possibilities are endless! Whether you choose to cruise in the Peloponnese, Saronic Gulf, Cyclades, Sporades, Ionian, or the Dodecanese, an exciting experience awaits around every corner. Try not to miss the island of Mikonos, the island of lovers, another favorite of Tom and Sandy’s of Taylor’d Yacht Charters.