Motor Yacht AQUALIBRIUM (Brochure) –  The yacht is available for a whooping 50% discount for the last 10 days of August (Aug 21 to 31).  EUR 80,000 p/w MYBA plus expenses, instead of EUR 160,000 plus expenses.  The yacht is based in the South of France.  The yacht is currently booked until August 20th and available from August 21st in the South of France and other Western Mediterranean locations.  This is a well known charter vessel.   As such, this offer is open for any booking that moves the vessel from South of France to Naples (Corsica / Sardinia included).

Taylor’d Yacht Charters will assist you in chartering the perfect yacht and developing the itinerary that meets your desires within the limitations of the yacht you select and the duration of the charter. mailto:info@localhost