San Salvador Yacht Charters

Some scholars believe that San Salvador, Bahamas Island was the first stop for Columbus in 1492, though others dispute it.  Either way, San Salvador, Bahamas Island has a number of attractions for tourists looking to escape the modern world and sink into the soft white sands of a quiet Bahamas island.  San Salvador Bahamas is one of the eastern most islands in the Bahamas, located near Long Island and Rum Cay.

Tours of the island are popular.  The most notable sites on a San Salvador tour include the Holy Saviour Roman Catholic Church, the New World Museum, and Cockburn Town. Cockburn Town is the capital of San Salvador, and this small village was named after its first settler, George Cockburn.  Events and festivals for the island happen in Cockburn Town, including a large celebration on Columbus Day.  An enormous almond tree is also a noteworthy site in the town of Cockburn.  Spend the day on San Salvador and check out all the important Columbian stops, such as the white cross that marks Columbus’ landing place and the impressive monument on the other side of the island.  The sheer historical significance is awesome.

One of the major draws to San Salvador Island is the miles of empty beaches that seem to be everywhere.  Tourism in San Salvador centers around these beaches.  You can tender from your yacht that you have chartered from Taylor’d Yacht Charters to one of these many secluded beaches.  Tours for snorkeling or scuba diving are quite popular, also.  If you rent a car or a bike to get around the island, you will want to be sure and head out to one of the many beaches on the island for at least one afternoon. Often times you will have the beach to yourself, a major advantage to tourism in San Salvador.  If you do take such a trip, just remember to bring your own food, water, sun block, and other supplies as you won’t find any rest stops or stores along the way.