Island Chains available for Private Yacht Charters.

The South Pacific is home to the world’s friendliest people, most of whom have been largely unspoiled by the trappings of the outside world. They continue to live a traditional lifestyle which places kinship and kindness above the so-called civilized values of material possessions and wealth. Perhaps the words of a well known travel journalist who, when writing about the South Pacific, said it best, “These are the lands before the wind. Life is lived in the moment. Tomorrow is only a concept. Today is a joy”.

Consider a community of 3,300 islands. Here you will find more than eleven million square miles of ocean dotted with islands, some no larger than a suburban back yard. The names themselves conjure images of times past, great voyages of discovery, and pitched battles now etched in history. There are thirteen island nations, with a total population of just over six million people.

You can dive from your private charter yacht in the pristine waters of Vanuatu or the Solomon Islands, experience the exhilaration of white water rafting, cruise the unforgettable waters in your rented yacht from Taylor’d Yacht Charters, or take in the cosmopolitan mix of people, religion, and culture that makes a visit to islands such as Fiji such a memorable experience. The options are endless.