Profoundly beautiful, Thailand and Malaysia, with a rich cultural tradition, offer unique cruising on your private yacht chartered from Taylor’d Yacht Charters.  A wide range of luxury charter yachts are available including power yachts, sailing yachts, and mega yachts. Water ski and dive in crystal clear seas and relax on white powder beaches. Sample sumptuous cuisine. You will experience a warm welcome from the inhabitants along with the beauty of its ancient temples. No trip is complete without a visit to the volcanic Malaysian Islands, particularly Langkawi with its dramatic coasts and exotic flora and fauna.

There is of course the rest of Asia-Pacific to explore, such as the undisturbed shore of Mergiu Archipelago of Myanmar (Burma).  Have your captain of your rented boat from Taylor’d Yacht Charters pull into the port of the cosmopolitan city of Singapore, the ancient civilization of Micronesia.  Go wreck diving in Truk Lagoon off your chartered yacht.

Heading further out you may discover the hill people of Toraja in Indonesia who will guide you through the burial caves of their ancestors. This is most fascinating! Exhilarating game fishing and wall diving in Manado, Indonesia is a must do.

There is the magical and illustrious island of Bali, the amazing southern coastline of Vietnam, the splendor of the golden domes of the royal palace in Brunei, and the diametrically different water villages. The Orangutan reserves and the dragons of Komodo in the rainforests of Borneo will satisfy any nature lover.

There is British tradition mixed with the modern Malaysian lifestyle in Pulau Pingang.

With so much more to see and explore in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, you may find yourself compelled to visit again and again and discover there is no limit and no end to this world of Southeast Asia on your private charter yacht from Taylor’d Yacht Charters.

Southeast Asia - CDB IN SINGAPORE