St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Stretching like a carelessly dropped necklace of precious jewels, the Grenadines are part of the Windward Islands in the Caribbean‘s eastern archipelago. St. Vincent to the North and Grenada to the South, this lovely chain of islands are isolated enough to remain relatively unspoiled, yet lively enough to be both stimulating and entertaining. 

A veritable cruising paradise awaits those who have chartered a yacht from Taylor’d Yacht Charters and visit the 32-island chain that makes up St. Vincent and the Grenadines, sometimes known as “the Spice Islands.” Extending for 45 miles, these mountainous isles offer a get-away-from-it-all atmosphere with a virtual lack of major development. Island-hopping is easy here, as is the pace of life. Nights are spent peacefully at anchor under a
canopy of stars.

Settled originally by the Ciboney and Arawak tribes, the islands were populated in 1675 by African slaves who survived a Dutch shipwreck. They were welcomed by the Caribs, who had inhabited the region since the time of Columbus’ first voyage. St. Vincent and the Grenadines won their independence from England in 1979, but remain a British Commonwealth. The official language in the area is English—with a definite Caribbean lilt.

Known as “the least touristy” and largest island of the Caribbean, St. Vincent offers picturesque black sand beaches, as well as great diving and snorkeling. The north end of the island is dominated by La Soufrière, an active volcano, which last erupted in 1979. The tiny Grenadines feature small but quaint resorts on white sandy beaches, as well as excellent sailing water.

Many guests opt to begin and end their charter in the more developed island of St. Lucia, some 26 nautical miles north of St. Vincent, extending their charter into a 10-day Caribbean experience.

The Grenadines, more accessible now than before, is far enough off the beaten track to offer secluded coves, empty beaches, and pristine waters. The sparkle of the water by day is rivaled only by the breathtaking sight of the black velvet of the evening sky thickly studded with stars. You have discovered paradise. The only remaining question is: How soon can you return?

Example Yacht Charter Itinerary – Grenadines