When French mariners, venturing from Mauritius, first claimed possession of the Seychelles in 1756, they were certain they had found the biblical Garden of Eden—and they just might have been on to something. With 115 unspoiled islands emerging from an underwater scuba paradise in the hurricane free Indian Ocean, the Edenic appeal of the Seychelles (pronounced “say-shells”) is undeniable. One can experience this “Garden of Eden” on a chartered yacht from Taylor’d Yacht Charters.  Cruising the Seychelles on a private luxury power yacht, sailing yacht or mega yacht is the experience of a lifetime!

If the Indian Ocean is indeed the deep blue ruler of the world’s most beautiful islands, then the Seychelles (also known as the Republique des Seychelles) are the brightest and most expensive emeralds in its crown. Hidden discreetly from the modern world, the islands that make up the Seychelles lie strewn across the warm Indian Ocean in a scattered pattern of brilliant green and white.

Located North of Madagascar, the Seychelles are comprised of 115 islands offering immaculate, generous beaches of powder soft alabaster sands, warm, cerulean water, and a divine tropical latitude. Teeming fishing grounds, bird sanctuaries, magnificent diving spots, and exotic retreats are just a few of the attractions in the Seychelles. Visit the island of Mahe and wander onto one of its 70 beaches, sun bathe, surf, or dine at the beach where the chef aboard your luxury yacht charter from Taylor’d Yacht Charters will prepare your catch-of-the-day. Get into the history and culture of the islands when you visit the legendary Vallee de Mai, the Le Jardin du Roi spice garden, St. Paul’s Cathedral, or the Tea Factory. For the adventuresome, this is perhaps the closest example of Shangri-la you’ll ever find.

The Seychelles can be separated into two groups of islands: the granitic clusters of the inner islands and the coral atolls that make up the outer islands.


Inner Islands

Set on a relatively shallow plateau shelf beneath the ocean, the inner islands are characterized by large granite boulders and forested mountain peaks. The inner granitic islands are the main hubs of activity and include Mahe, Praslin, and Silhouette islands. These were formed when the supercontinent Godwanaland separated while the earth was taking its current shape.


Outer Islands

The outer islands are generally flatter and are composed of corals and volcanic material. Most of the outer islands are uninhabited, making them pristine paradises. The largest of the coral islands and a World Heritage Site, the Aldabra Atoll is probably the most well known. Aldabra is also the original home of the giant tortoises which are now commonly found across the Seychelles and in Mauritius.

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