US & British Virgin Islands Yacht Charters

For first-time charterers in the Caribbean, Taylor’d Yacht Charters often recommends cruising in the Virgin Islands, as the scenery is fantastic and most of your trip will be in the sheltered waters of the Sir Francis Drake Passage. The distances between each anchorage is very short, the snorkeling and diving are spectacular, and there is plenty of lively action ashore.

The British Virgin Islands, or BVI in the jargon of most Sailors, is in many ways a sailor’s Mecca. It has all of the ingredients for a perfect sailing yacht charter – consistent winds, gorgeous islands, destinations varying from posh hotels to deserted beaches, shipwrecks, beach party towns, and a pace and charm that perfectly fits sailing. In fact, nearly the entire economy (with the exception of sheltering companies from tax) is devoted to sailing, and charterers meet people from all over the world of like mind and spirit.

The largest of the 36 islands is Tortola, at 20 km long and 6 km wide, which has the highest elevation in the BVI, at 540 meters. Virgin Gorda also rises steeply from the sea with a volcanic peak of 410 metes. Though most of the islands in the group are volcanic, Anegada is a very flat coral and limestone atoll 30 miles northeast of Tortola, none of it more than a few meters above sea level and almost invisible to passengers arriving by sea. Most of the other 30 odd islets are uninhabited.

St Thomas, US Virgin Islands – Shimmering bays, powdery white beaches, towering green hills, cosmopolitan lifestyle and unsurpassed shopping – this is St Thomas. A natural deep-water port, it has one of the most stunningly beautiful harbors in the world.

St John, US Virgin Islands – St John is the smallest and most enchanting of the US Virgin Islands. The majority of its verdant hills and sun drenched beaches are preserved as a National Park. St John is a non-commercial, low key treasure island with tranquil beaches, sleepy lagoons, underwater coral gardens, scenic roads, well maintained walking trails, lush foliage and fascinating plantation ruins.

The world famous Trunk bay is part of that national park, and it’s under water!  Grab your snorkel and follow the underwater trail that highlights both coral formations and fish.

If beaches are your spot St. John is for you; Francis Bay, Cinnamon Bay, and Trunk Bay are some of the best in the Caribbean.  Snorkeling near Waterlemon  Cay is breathtaking.  Or you can shop the day away in Cruz Bay. Read more about St John .

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