Virgin Gorda Yacht Charters

Virgin Gorda, pop. 2,600, is a favorite stop-over for yachts and your chartered Taylor’d Yacht Charters boat due to its unusual topography and ultra-laid-back atmosphere. Really three islands in one, the southern third is flat with giant boulders, spare vegetation reminiscent of the Old West, and a light aircraft landing strip. The middle of the island is mountainous with Gorda Peak (1,370 feet) and several lovely beaches. The northern third is quite spindly and is situated around North Sound with half a dozen other islands, forming an almost land locked oasis for water sports and island exploring.

Little Fort National Park: Located south of the Yacht Harbour was the site of a Spanish fort whose stone walls are still partially intact. This 36-acre area also functions as a wildlife sanctuary.

The Coppermine: The southwest tip of the island was mined by Cornish miners between 1838 and 1867, and perhaps even earlier by the Spanish. Today, the remains of the chimney, boiler house, cistern, and mine shafts can be seen.

Gorda Peak National Park: This park contains a wide variety of indigenous and exotic plants and has been reforested with mahogany trees. At 1,500 feet, it is the island’s highest point.

The Baths: Giant boulders form a series of spectacular pools and grottoes flooded with sea water.