The Yacht Charter Fee depends upon several factors

1. The age of the yacht and when was it’s last refit. New yachts or recent refits have a premiums over older yachts.
2. The builder of the yacht. Feadship yachts have premiums over Broward yachts.
3. The size/length of the yacht.
4. The number of statrooms. The maximum number of statrooms on a yacht is typically 6 since there is a legal limit of 12 paying persons.
5. Crew/Bareboat Charter. Crewed yachts are more expensive than bareboats but are well worth the added expense.
6. Specials. Be sure to check “Whats Hot” to see what is happening in the market.


There are two general types of insurance, Cancellation and Liability both should be handeled by an experienced Marine Insurance agent which Taylor’d Yacht Charters can arrange.

Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA)

You purchase the food and beverage, supplies, fuel and any fees. The APA can  ranging from 15-40% of Charter Fee depending upon what is included in the Charter Fee. Sailing yachts typically are inclusive of some expenses.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

In many countries there is a VAT that can be 4-25% of the Charter Fee

Crew Gratuity

The gratuity can range from 5%-20% of the Charter Fee. Typically you will be extremely impressed by the service you receive from the crew (24/7). The captain receives the Gratuity and distributes it to the individual crew members.


Therefore, for a crewed Yacht Charter budget 50% more than the Yacht Charter Fee and you will be safe. Taylor’d Yacht Charters will always work to get you the best value for money. and should be able to keep you below this budget. We continually post “What’s Hot” on the website for your consideration.


The Yacht Charter Fee and APA must be paid 100% up front in cash for the charter to begin. The payment schedule depends on how close you are to the charter date. Payable 25% > 6 Months, 50% < 6 months, 100% + APA 45 days.