yacht chartering flow process


This document is designed to give you an idea as to what is involved in terms of action to secure and enjoy a Luxury Charter Yacht Vacation. These basic steps are used for fully crewed yacht charters on luxury power yachts, sailing yachts, and mega yachts.

1. Answer the following five Critical Questions.
a. How many Guests?
b. When do you want to go?
c. What type of Yacht?
d. Where do you want to go?
e. What is your budget?

Remembering the additional expenses could be +50% of the Yacht Charter rate?

2. Review yachts as submitted by TAYLOR’D YACHT CHARTERS that fit your answers to the above questions. Peruse the TAYLOR’D YACHT CHARTERS  “What’s Hot” page  to give you a broader perspective of charter yacht availability and deals.

3. Pick 2-3 yachts for TAYLOR’D YACHT CHARTERS to obtain availability and best economics.

4. Decide on the Yacht Charter.

5. Investigate Cancellation and Liability Insurance. TAYLOR’D YACHT CHARTERS will provide you with recommended yacht insurance brokers who will advise you.

6. Review Yacht Charter Agreements with TAYLOR’D YACHT CHARTERS.

7. Execute the Yacht Charter Agreements and make first payment wired to TAYLOR’D YACHT CHARTERS.

8. Purchase Insurance.

9. Obtain fully executed contract by the Owner from TAYLOR’D YACHT CHARTERS. The yacht is now legally committed.

10. Complete “Preference Sheets” and return to TAYLOR’D YACHT CHARTERS for transmission to Yacht Captain.

11. Contact Yacht Captain to establish a relationship and finalize the Itinerary/Menu/Pickup location and any special needs.

12. Arrange transportation to and from the Yacht.

13. Make final payment 45 days before departure by wire transfer including the “Advanced Provisioning Allowance” (APA) to TAYLOR’D YACHT CHARTERS.

14. Pack for your yacht vacation with reference to the “Tips & Hints” as provided by TAYLOR’D YACHT CHARTERS.

15. Depart to Yacht location.

16. Enjoy the best Luxury Yacht Vacation that you could possibly have.

17. Reconcile APA with the Yacht Captain at end of the charter for a refund or payment.

18. Pay Crew Gratuity to the Yacht Captain.

19. Return to Home to “rest up”.

20. Complete the “Welcome Home Evaluation” and return to TAYLOR’D YACHT CHARTERS.

21. Prepare for your next TAYLOR’D YACHT CHARTERS Luxury Yacht Vacation.