Yacht Chartering on Mayaguana Island

Mayaguana Island was uninhabited until 1812, when people began to migrate from the nearby Turks Islands.  It’s home to approximately 312 locals and the Bahama Hutia, a cross between a rat and a rabbit that was thought to be extinct until the 1960s.

The three settlements on Mayaguana are Abraham’s Bay, Pirate’s Well, and Betsy Bay.  They are very close knit communities, each not more than 15 minutes from the other.  Most inhabitants of Mayaguana make a living by fishing and working as fishing guides, or by farming the fertile soil of the island’s woody terrain.  The main form of transportation to Mayaguana is the mailboat, which transports the mail and the occasional small group of adventurous travelers.

Mayaguana is the least developed and most isolated island in The Bahamas.  That’s a Bahamian way of saying it’s an ideal getaway for travelers seeking footprint free beaches, reef diving, and sport fishing.  This is the perfect place for your Taylor Yacht Charters boat to anchor off or find an undiscovered natural harbor.

The waters off Mayaguana afford excellent sports fishing.  Fish frequently surface and peer out of the water causing a distinctly eerie sensation of being watched and taunted.  The terrain on-island is woody, and the soil is fertile and aptly suited to agriculture.  Farming and fishing are the chief occupations of its inhabitants, who live the quiet life of most Out Islanders.  Typical scenes are homespun dwellings guarded by goats and an occasional small cottage doing double duty as a “petty shop” (a small general store).

The mailboat is the main form of external communication on this sleepy island, which stirs once a week on the grand occasion.  Many of the inhabitants never venture from their paradise, choosing instead to let the world come to them.  Don’t be surprised if, upon arrival on your chartered yacht from Taylor Yacht Charters, the friendly people warmly embrace you, take you by the hand, and bring you to their home, as if you are an old friend.