Catamarans have a huge protected outdoor cockpit area.  This means catamarans are excellent for sailing in comfort.  This also makes cats ideal for entertaining in luxury and comfort, while on charter, especially if you want to have dinner or entertain outside.

Cats have exceptional stability.  Whether you are moored in a bay, side on to a bit of chop, or sail around between islands, catamarans are far more stable generally than a monohull yacht. Luxury catamarans are faster.

They are faster under power or sail.  If you like the destination better than the voyage, or merely want to cover more miles and see more places on charter, they will get you around more quickly than a monohull.

Cats have shallow drafts.  This means they can get into places monohull yachts simply cannot go.

Catamarans have huge foredeck areas.  The foredeck normally features a net or tramp.  This means there is plenty of room to retire to your favorite area of the yacht to siesta in seclusion.  The tramps are also fun to ride on when underway, especially with children when dolphins are about.

Cats have more room inside, as well as outside.  The salon is bigger and usually features large panoramic windows.  All aboard can enjoy the scenery in comfort in bad or cold weather.  The cabins and ensuite bathrooms are often larger, too.  A typical 45 ft/13m catamaran will have 4 large staterooms, with queensize beds, and each will have its own ensuite bathroom.  This type of catamaran’s salon and cockpit is easily capable of sitting and entertaining, 20 people.

There is also greater privacy because of the separation between cabins.  You don’t get any unwanted noise from fellow guests when they are sleeping, as they are often in a completely separate hull.  Taylor’d Yacht Charters will find the perfect catamaran sailing yacht for you and your guests.


Catamaran - Nemo

Guests: 6

Length 47 ft

From $ 15,500 USD


Guests: 10

Length 62 ft

From $ 26438 USD

From € 26000 EUR

Cataraman Tranquility - Taylord Yacht Charters

Guests: 12+

Length 76 ft

From $ 54950 USD


Guests: 8

Length 60 ft

From $ $39,000 USD

Guests: 6

Length 46 ft

From $ 15700 USD

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