Sailing Yacht

A yacht vacation under sail can evoke a simpler time, allowing yourself to see and feel the world around you. There is a real fascination for feeling that you are steering your course while on board and yet being able to sit out under a star filled sky and feel like you are tiny part of the cosmos.

A sailboat charter can take you to many places which are entirely unreachable by land. A sailboat can also provide the exhilarating freedom that comes from sailing a lovely yacht, with the rail in the water and the spray on your face. A sailboat charter can give you a feeling that a powerboat cannot; it can get you closer to the ocean and make you feel alive. Indeed, the essence of any sailboat charter is freedom and adventure.

Nevertheless, with today’s technology, a sailboat charter can also offer you some of the space and luxury of a power boat. Although a sailboat allows you to experience the vibrancy of the outdoors, and generally requires guests to spend more time on deck enjoying the scenery, when you do go below you can also enjoy all the delights of comfort. Modern sailboat designs are ever improving in their space, quality and luxury.

When you charter a crewed yacht part of a sailing vacation is participating and getting a hands on feel for steering your yacht, trimming sails and deciding where to head each brand new day.

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